Tips and Tricks for Saving Money at Sephora*

If you’re anything like me, Sephora is one of the most amazing inventions… but also one of the worst. Its impossible to walk through those glass doors and not spend your entire pay check and allowance. With new products being released nearly every week, how could you resist? You know the feeling… swatching that brand new highlighter or lipstick and caving in when you didn’t even go in wanting it.

To avoid temptation and breaking the bank, I’ve compiled 5 helpful tips and tricks to save money while also having fun at a makeup addicts happiest place on earth!

  1. Set a budget — this is crucial! Without a budget you will, without a doubt, drop twice as much as you wanted to spend and maybe regret it later. Go in knowing you have a budget of $50 (example) and don’t exceed it! Also keep in mind that you don’t need to spend as much as you set, its just to keep you from overspending. Something else that has also helped me tremendously is making a monthly budget. I do this on Apple’s Numbers. There is already a budget template set up for you so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand it. But what I do is, at the start of each month, make an overall budget for how much I want to spend on beauty products. This includes: hair cuts, makeup, skin care, etc. So if I know I want to get my haircut that month, I know I can’t go crazy at Sephora because then I’ll exceed my beauty budget. This is so so helpful. I find myself checking my budget and seeing how much money I have left and that makes a big difference on my decisions.
  2. Online shop (without the purchase) — Before even going into Sephora (or any beauty store), decide what you want. Download the app or go online and look at the products you are interested in. This will take you 10 minutes max and will keep you from buying more. How does this help? Several ways:
    1. You will look ahead of time so when you go in, you don’t wander — you’ll know what you want and won’t be distracted by that shinny new palette that is on display
    2. Adding all the items to your cart will show you how much you would have spent in the store. Sometimes we forget to look at the price of something (and lets admit it: makeup can be expensive!) and grab it without thinking. We also forget that it all adds up! Buying 2 lipsticks at $20 a pop along with a new mascara can skyrocket to at least $60 if not more. That’s only three things and you’re already out 6 hours of work (if you work for $10.50/hour like me).
    3. Shopping online will show you the price upfront and not be in tiny print later shocking you when you get to checkout
    4. This allows you to narrow down your choices and do some math: If I want to spend $60 total and have 4 lipsticks ($20 each), 1 highlighter ($30), and mascara ($40), what do I really want? 1 lipstick and the mascara? 3 lipsticks?
    5. You can read reviews! Reviews are so so important! They are honest opinions from real people who have tried the product who have no intention of gaining anything. Something might look really good when you swatch it in the store, but does it last? Does it make you break out? What skin type does it work best on? Do some research!
  3. Stick to your choices — I know, its so hard walking into a store with shinny new stuff and wanting to try it all. But this is dangerous! You’ll convince yourself you can buy it (I mean its only $20) but again, everything adds up! Head straight to your choices and try them out. You might end up not liking it in the store and that’s okay! But don’t buy something else just because what you didn’t like what you went for.
  4. Think about what you already have — but this red is a tiny bit brighter than that other one I have! Trust me, I’m guilty of it too. But how many red lipsticks do you need? When you really think about it, how many of those red lipsticks have you actually worn more than once? Is this lipstick really that much different from the ones you already have? Do you really need that bronzer when you have one that matches your skin tone perfectly already? Figuring out dupes is also really important. A lot of products on the market have the exact same (or very similar) colors. We tend to have the colors we always gravitate towards, so keep this in mind! If you gravitate towards pinks, keep in mind you might already have something very similar. Do some quick searches of the product you want and then add “dupes” at the end (ex. Kylie Cosmetics Posie K dupes, Kat Von D Ophelia dupes). You will be given hundreds of alternatives and you might find that something you already own is a dupe for this product you’re eyeing.
  5. Ask for samples — if you can’t decide if you really like something, ask for a sample. Don’t just buy it because you think you might like it later. You might end up regretting your purchase and be out $40+ on something you’ll never use. Sephora will give you samples upon request, just ask! This is especially important when you’re thinking about buying something that is on the more pricy side. Before dropping $40, ask for a sample and decide if its worth it. This is also a good idea if you’ve set a budget but have already exceeded it. Ask for a sample and try it out — its free! You can then decide if you like it enough for your next spree. Don’t buy anything without doing some research.

But also remember to have fun! Makeup is a great form of expression, but it can cost a pretty penny. Of course if you can’t stop thinking about a product, go for it! Again, makeup is supposed to be fun and not something that should be taken so seriously. Buy that blue lipstick if you want! But if you know you’ll only wear it a few times, check out dupes online to find a cheaper options.

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! They’re helped me save so much money and I hope they help you too! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and if you’d like more posts like this one!

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