How to Do Prom — On a Budget (Dresses Under $200)

For some, its bigger than all the holidays combined. For others its the biggest night of the year. Yep, you guessed it! We’re talking about prom!

I graduated from high school in 2015, but I still wish I could go every year. I always offer to go with my younger friends who are still in high school but have yet to have any takers. For me, prom is so fun because I love dressing up and taking pictures with my friends. But prom can get expensive. When you add up the cost of the ticket, dress, transportation, hair, makeup, shoes… it makes me anxious just thinking about it. Some people don’t have a problem spending hundreds of dollars on prom, but most people want to spend as little as possible. Prom has become a beauty pageant for a lot of people and a competition for others. Some people spend months looking for their perfect dress and searching the web for their dream updo and makeup. And it always happens that your perfect dress is way out of your price range and you feel like you’ll never find the perfect dress. But just because you don’t want to spend $200+ doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling confident and beautiful.

Below I’ve complied some ideas on how to have the perfect prom without spending the equivalent of your first semester of college.



This just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to totally slay prom. All of these dresses are under $50 and you would never know it. They look high-end and gorgeous! What I love abut some of these is that they are simple, but can be dressed up to make it your style, and you can re-wear them!
Top left: $39
Top middle: $32.90
Top right: $49
Bottom left: $49
Bottom right: $22.90


By upping your budget, you do have access to more dresses but these are still at a great price! All under $100, its impossible to feel guilty about it. I think these are so stunning, my favorite is the wine crushed velvet and the emerald sequin one!
Column 1 (top-bottom):
Black cut-out dress: $89
Blue high-low dress: $99
Gunmetal sequin dress: $96
Emerald cut-out dress: $54.90
Column 2 (top-bottom):
Burgundy A-line dress: $99
Wine flutter cap dress: $79
Black floral off the shoulder dress: $64.90
Burgundy high-neck lace dress: $59.90
Column 3 (top-bottom):
Navy mermaid dress: $99
Eggplant cut-out dress (love this color): $99
Bronze sequin dress: $79.90
*Emerald sequin dress: $79.90
Column 4 (top-bottom):
Gold sequin dress: $69
*Wine crushed velvet dress: $79
Black off the shoulder dress: $59.90
Black cross-back dress: $64.90


Again, raising your budget does give you access to more options, but this is a bit more pricey so I didn’t add many. These are also all gorgeous, but I personally don’t see a big difference (visually) from the under $100.
(Left to right)
#1: $138; #2: $109; #3: $139; #4: $109


Again, this is more pricey but they are all gorgeous. I actually wore the black one to the Oscars back when it was only $99 — so if I could wear a $100 dress to the Oscars, why spend more than that on prom?? Just kidding (kinda) but the price has been raised since them, unfortunately.
(Left to right)
#1: $198; #2: $189; #3: $199; #4: $198

Another website a lot of people don’t know about is This is an awesome website I wish I had known about when I went to prom. You can rent designer dresses for the night and not spend $500 doing so. This is a great idea because you will most likely only wear your prom dress once, and then it’ll hang in your closet for the rest of forever collecting dust. This way you can wear a $500 dress for a fraction of the cost and not feel guilty about it just sitting there later on.
CAS21For example, this dress retails for $695, but you can rent it for $110 (4 day rental). Click here for more details.
For a limited time only, use the promo code FIRSTRTR25P at checkout and get $25 off your first order or first month of Unlimited Rentals. Seriously this website is a gem and I highly suggest you checking it out.

Hope you guys enjoy this post, I had a lot of fun doing it! I will be doing more prom articles so let me know if you have any suggestions! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



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