DIY Makeup Remover Pads

Today I’m going to show you guys how to do this incredibly inexpensive, fast, and easy DIY! I’m so excited to be sharing this idea with you guys, I’m sure I’m not the first to be doing this particular DIY but this is my version of it and I hope you all enjoy it!

For this DIY you’re going to need a mason jar, a lid, cotton pads, and Micellar water. output_2ydfGv
I got my Mason jar from World Market, the lid is from a larger mason jar I got from Michael’s Craft Store, the cotton pads are from Target, and the Micellar Water is from CVS.

This is a fun DIY because you can completely customize it however you want. You can decorate your jar, pick any color you want, choose which kind of makeup remover you want to use… get creative with it! I chose to use the Garnier’s Micellar Water because I have been loving it and using it every night. It works wonders and I haven’t had any issues with it. I’m going to be talking a lot more about this product in my next Favorites article so I won’t drone on too much more about it.

output_V9zyc1Step 1: Fill up the mason jar with your cotton pads. When you add the Micellar water, the pads will flatten so make sure you have some extra pads to add in later on.
Step 2: Add the Micellar water. I didn’t get any pictures of this but you’re just going to add it in to saturate all the cotton pads. The water is going to soak through and get all the pads but — just to be safe — press the pads down to saturate them all the way through
**Tip: I hadn’t thought of this at first, but when you are adding the pads, saturate the cotton pads in sections so you make sure they are all getting saturated. If you do this, no need to press the pads dowIMG_3359n!
Step 3: Add a few more cotton pads to the top. When you push the pads dow in
step 2, you’ll notice the pads will flatten and they won’t fill up the jar anymore. Add the pads to the top to get the most out of this and not waste any space. Then, just add more Micellar water to saturate the top one.
Step 4: Screw the lid on tight and you’re good to go!

And that’s it! A really easy DIY that will save you a lot of time and product. This should last you about a month or more depending on how big your jar is!

Hope you all liked this DIY and found it helpful! Let me know what you guys think and if you want more DIYs like this one!


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