Graduation Gift Guide

Wait, this is a thing? Yes, buying a gift for a graduate is, in fact, a thing! Whether they’re graduation high school or college, it is a really big deal. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to walk across that stage and accept the diploma they spent years working towards. So how do you say congratulations?

I graduated from high school in 2015, and I went to what felt like a grad party every weekend. You can go the easy rout and give them money, but that really adds up and will flatten your wallet quicker than ever. And what about the graduates you’re aquatinted with but not close to? Do you give them as much money as the person you’re a little closer with? How much is an acceptable amount and won’t make you look bad? It gets complicated! But unfortunately, skipping a gift isn’t the best way to go and if you’re invited to their graduate party, it’s considered proper etiquette. To help you avoid any awkward situations while also not breaking the bank, here’s a small gift guide to help this process be a little more easy.

  1. Jewelry
    This is mostly for women, but men also might like this or a version of it. There’s a lot of jewelry options out there ranging in price so it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank finding a nice piece! For people you are closer with, Tiffany and Co. has a lot of beautiful pieces that are reasonably priced. This is a more expensive brand though, so don’t feel like this is how much you should be spending.    Another great brand for jewelry is Kate Spade. Kate Spade has recently made a huge comeback and all of her jewelry is beautiful with many pieces extremely affordable.
    Here are some affordable Kate Spade pieces
    Square Stud Earrings
    Heart of Gold Bangle
    Initial Necklace
    State Necklace
    My favorite out of all these is the State Necklace, especially if Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.07.34 PMthey’re graduating high school and moving away to go to college. This will have a lot of sentimental meaning and remind them of their roots.
    I am also a huge fan and supporter of Etsy. I buy a majority of my gifts and jewelry from here and love the fact all the money goes to the person who actually made it. You can find literally anything on this website, or maybe even someone to mke it for you! I used Etsy a lot when I was looking for graduation gifts and my top 2 were both engraved pieces. Specifically these pieces were engraved with coordinates of the town they grew up in or the house they grew up in. I got a bracelet or keychain depending on the person and it was my favorite gift I gave. This sort of goes along with what I was saying about the state necklace from Kate Spade — there’s aScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.06.05 PM sentimental meaning. But not only that, these are a great price so I highly recommend if you want to give someone something but don’t know what to get or don’t want to spend a fortune. I got the bracelet from this seller, and the keychain from this one. Both are great but there are other options as well if you want something a little different! Then, you can use this website to find out the coordinates of the location you want.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.53.41 PMAnother cute jewelry/keychain idea is a penny minted the same year as the
    graduate’s class and having it engraved. Etsy has a ton of these, but I really love this one from GuitarPickKeychainB. Its really small and sentimental and only $7. This is a great gift to buy a few in advance incase you’re invited to a last minute party and need a gift.

  2. Gift Cards
    Gift cards are always great gifts for the graduate especially if it is specifically for something. If they’re going to be moving into a dorm, a great option is getting a Bed, Bath and Beyond card to help fund their moving in. Another great option is an Amazon gift card, Target card, or anything like this. I got a few of these when I graduated and even though I didn’t move out, it was still a great gift!

  3. Notebook and Journals Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.11.11 PM
    There are a lot of cool notebook and activity books available for high school and college graduates that are a really awesome gift! There is a Bucket List Journal you can find at Paper Source that is a really cool gift for any one graduating college because they’re starting a new chapter in their life. This journal is 264 pages long with 101 blank pages, 101 question spreads, inspirational stories and quotes, Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.15.00 PMplaces to add photos, photography from around the world, and a world map. It also features before and
    after summary pages so you can write all about it. Paper Source has a lot of books like this and so does Urban Outfitters that are definitely worth checking out.

  4. Money
    If all else fails, money is okay! You can get as creative as you want with it or just put it in a cute or funny card. Most graduates will love getting money no matter how much! This is the easiest gift, but also packs a punch! Take a look at Pinterest and see if you can find any creative ideas to give the money through! You could even put the money in a cute coin pouch so it is a little more personal as well. Again, Paper Source has a ton of cute pouches to choose from with all different kinds of sayings.

Hope you all found this helpful! If you have any ideas of your own, comment below and share your ideas!



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