Your Guide to Slaying Graduation

I’ll start off by saying congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely graduating! If not, this can help you slay another event, but the main focus today is graduation.

How do you graduate looking good when your graduation cap and gown are horrible colors? Trust me, I know. My cap and gown were a IMG_5644mustard yellow and it looked horrible. I mean honestly have you ever seen a more unattractive color? It’s just so hard to pair with another color so of course I went with white. White is traditionally what girls wear to their graduation but it’s totally up to you!

To help you make the most out of your graduation and slay the catwalk and pictures, here’s a few helpful tips!

  1. Figure out what colors go well with your cap and gown
    If your cap and gown is the same color as mine, choose a color that will compliment it! Some colors will make this more of a challenge but even the worst color will have something that looks good! Try to avoid a matching color to your cap and gown. Instead, choose a different shade or bring your cap with you if you decide to go shopping so you can see what it will look like all together. But if all else fails, go black or white — you can’t go wrong there.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes
    Comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t wear heels! But if you choose to wear heels,
    make sure they are comfortable and you can walk in them. There’s nothing more 37b1b63542dc4e1e_lawrence_trip_2.xxxlargeembarrassing than walking up to accept your diploma, then face planting in front of everyone. Luckily, this is totally avoidable. Choose a pair of heels that aren’t too high and actualy fit you. If you have any doubt, best to be safe and pass on that pair.
  3. Pin your cap down!
    Don’t forget to do this or you’ll feel paranoid that your cap will fall off at any second. Use bobby pins or clips to hold it in place. Don’t be afraid to use several, the more the better!

Alright, now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the fun part: the outfit!

As I mentioned, making sure you don’t clash with your cap and gown is really important! But it’s also really important that you feel good and confident! This is your day, you deserve to feel like Beyonce. Here’s some of my favorite dresses I’ve found to wear to your graduation.

Top left
Top second from left
Top second to last
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right

As for shoes, make sure you feel comfortable in them and know what kind of graduation you’re having. Is it indoor, outdoor, on a stage, on grass? These are all factors in deciding what kind of shoes to wear! If it’s an indoor ceremony with a stage, choose heels that aren’t slippery on the bottom! When they get ready for the ceremony they’ll most likely wash the floors and that’ll make it slippery. If it’s an outdoor ceremony on grass, wear wedges or a block heel instead of pumps so they don’t sink into the soil.

Hope you all found this helpful! Congratulations and go slay your graduation!


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