Summer Bucket List

Finally summer is here and after an unplanned but short hiatus due to final exams, I am back and so excited for the break!

Summer goes by quick, there’s no doubt about that. I never get to do everything I want to do partly because I run out of time and partly because I forget what I want to do to begin with. My main problem is I think I have more time than I really do and therefor procrastinate. I know, it’s bad but I’m working on it!


So how do I try to get everything done? I make a list. Lists are great especially for making a type of bucket list since you can hang it anywhere and be reminded of what’s on it! If you don’t have what you want to do in front of you, it becomes an out of sight and out of mind issue and you’ll forget what you wanted to do! Making a list is also great to make sure you get all your ideas down and not forget them later on. How many times have you heard about a museum exhibit or concert you wanted to go to at the beginning of summer just to forget about it at the end of summer? It’s a bummer! It was something you wanted to do but just forgot about!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own summer bucket list:
Card-stock paper or printer paper (any color)
Poster board
Microsoft Word or Mac’s Pages

Of course you don’t need all of this, you can make it any way you want! You can type it up and print it out using fun fonts and colors, or you can do it by hand with brightly colored pens and markers. There are so many different ways you can do this and have fun with it! Add stickers, stamps, glitter, the works! The prettier it is the more you’ll look at it and the more likely you are to do everything on it!

What should go on your list? That’s 100% up to you! You can do anything from read a book to cage dive with sharks! You can also add on goals for yourself that you want to work on this summer. Make this the summer of YOU. What will make YOU happy? What will YOU have fun doing? Fill up that list! The more the better! Check out Pinterest for ideas or think about your favorite summer time movies — what do they do that looks fun? Of course you don’t have to do everything you write down, but it’s always better to have more than not. This will give you options and a variety of things to do if you’re bored one day.

What’s on my list?

  1. Read 3+ books
  2. Have a family game night
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Make homemade lemonade
  6. Go swimming
  7. Go to a park
  8. Get fit/in shape
  9. Go bowling
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Make popsicles
  13. Go to the aquarium
  14. Watch the sunrise
  15. Go to a drive-in movie
  16. Swim in a lake
  17. Draw more
  18. Do karaoke
  19. Go to a museum
  20. Go somewhere out of town
  21. Read a self-help book (You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero)
  22. Make ice cream in a bag
  23. Unplug for 12 hours
  24. See the Solar Eclipse
  25. Have a BBQ
  26. Make a summer playlist
  27. Go an entire day without makeup
  28. Save at least $1,000
  29. Go to a midnight movie
  30. Go to a concert
  31. Try 3 new restaurants
  32. Have a picnic
  33. Visit a national park
  34. Go to the beach 5+ times
  35. Do a journal/smash book
  36. Finish a coloring book
  37. Have a Disney movie marathon
  38. Go to the Santa Monica Pier
  39. Get a real looking temporary tattoo
  40. Take a class
  41. Eat healthier
  42. Make cake pops
  43. Have a horror movie marathon

This is my list as of now. I plan to add more as I go but so far I think it’s a good list! Yeah, these aren’t all that exciting but it’s only a summer list! Since it’s summer, I have a lot of time off to do the things I don’t normally get to. So while they might seem a little boring, summer is supposed to be lazy! If I ever get bored of all my free time, I can do almost any of these right away and mark one off. They’re simple enough to do and not expensive either.

So what’s on your summer bucket list? What are your plans for this summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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