June Favorites

Where has the year gone?! I swear it was February yesterday and now it’s July??? CRAZY.

So with another month done I have my June favorites to share with you all! I am very excited about these because with it now being summer, I plan to use some of (if not all) these products for the entire season.

These are some of my favorite articles to write because I love sharing my loves and finds with you all! I also love hearing from you guys about what your favorites are so I can try them out too! These are also some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube because, again, I like to see what’s working for people before I just splurge and try it out for myself. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($45.00)
s1488352-main-LheroRecently I have been very obsessed with skin care but hey, there are worse things to be obsessed with, right? I am very aware that skin ages and wrinkles and some people like that! For me, though, I want to stay looking young for as long as possible. I’ve never been one to really pay much attention to my skin thinking in the long-term, but recently I have become very aware of it. So I figured the best place to start with my mission is a good face cream. Looking on Sephora for a good facial cream was very frustrating. I am a 20-year-old college student, I can’t afford a $200 face cream. But I also don’t want to buy a $10 one that will do nothing or make me break out — I want quality! As I was about to give up I found this one and my spirits were lifted. Yes I know, it’s not the cheapest but compared to others, this looked like a pretty good price. The reviews were awesome and on almost every article I’ve read, this is the go-to face cream. It doesn’t take much per use so it will last you at least a few months. I put it on before bed, after I shower, and before I put on my makeup. This stuff smells and feels so good and I’m already noticing my skin looks more awake and luminous than it had before. I think this is very budget friendly and worth the splurge! You can find this at Sephora and on the Fresh website.

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Eye Cream (Varies)
10910241_Alt02Alright another facial cream but this is also a good one! This is an eye cream I got from CVS for $25 that promises to do 7 things: reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles, brighten the eye area, reduce puffiness, helps to even skin tone, smooth and even out skin texture, and moisturize the under eye area. All of these sound pretty good to me so I thought I’d give it a try. Like I said, I know I’m only 20 but it doesn’t hurt to start taking care of your skin now! So while I don’t have wrinkles now, this will help me not have them later on. Think of it as losing weight: it is harder to get rid extra weight once you already have it than it is to stay fit and never have to try to backtrack… odd way of thinking about it but hey, I tried! Anyway, I’m really liking this eye cream so far and you barely need any so again, this will last you awhile!

Smashbox Golden Hour Cover Shot Palette ($30.00)
2503605This is another product I have been using almost every single day! This is a beautiful palette that is very compact and easy to use. If you are new to the makeup world or just want something that is easy to use in a pinch this palette is for you. I got the Golden Hour palette that has a variety of shades, both matte and shimmer, that can create so many different looks. You can create a natural eye or a smashbox_covershot_goldenhourarmsmoky eye with this one and that’s why I decided on this one. I also have green eyes so these shades really compliments them and makes them pop. I always get so many compliments when I wear these shades and who doesn’t love when their makeup is complimented? These shades are pigmented and buildable and that’s why I think this is awesome for beginners. It doesn’t take a lot of figuring out which shades will look good together because they all look awesome together. But if these colors aren’t for you, don’t worry! It comes in other colors as well. I am a huge fan of this palette and I think it’ll be awesome for summer and it’s a pretty good price considering the quality! I just ordered the Ablaze palette version so you may be seeing that one in next month’s favorites! You can find these palettes at Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, and the Smashbox website! We aware that they are all available in store except for the Ablaze palette that you need to purchase online!

Benefit Eyebrow Products (Varies)
precisely-my-brow-pencil-component_0I am an eyebrow novice. I’ll admit it: I have a hard time with my eyebrows. They are naturally very full and much darker than my hair so I’ve never really had to do my eyebrows but I want to! So what is a girl like me to do? Well I was rudely awaken to how bad my eyebrows were as I was browsing (no pun intended) through the cosmetics section of Macy’s when a Benefit representative asked if I wanted my eyebrows done for free. Were they so mad she felt she needed to be an angel and do them for free or was she doing her job? Maybe both?? I will never know but as she did my brows I was amazed at the difference having filled in eyebrows looked. Now, it’s not my fault! I just never took
the time to learn. I thought just throwing on some product meant I had done it. Well I2304327 was wrong. I’ve been using the Anastasia Brow Pomade for months because I thought that’s what was the best thing out there. For people with thin brows, it is the best! But for people like me, it’s actually one of the worst for several reasons. So I was introduced to the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. It is very similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz but is a little more creamy. It blends out easily and is very smooth and glides easily. It can be built up to be more dramatic or can be used minimally to create a more natural but put together look. Then, she used this tinted eyebrow gel/mascara-like product for the brows and I am a big big fan. It is super easy and basically all it does is tint the hairs to make them more prominent. This is called Gimme Brow and it’s great if you’re short on time, want a natural look, or a no-makeup look. I like to use this first and then use the eyebrow pencil 1high-brow-component_0to fill in the sparse areas. If nothing else I will use the Gimme Brow — it makes me feel put together! Lastly, my new hero a.k.a. Benefit-rep-who’s-name-has-been-lost showed me this fancy little thing called the High Brow pencil. Sounds boujee right? After you finish your brows, you put this under on the brow bone to sort of clean up any mistakes while also brightening the area. It’s super quick and easy and I recommend this as well. I know Sephora has something like this as well and I’ve used it, but in my opinion the Benefit one is much better and works better for me personally.

Coconut Oil
Coconut2Coconut oil is something that is so popular and used for so many different things and I am one of those people obsessed with it. I use it when I cook, for a lotion, for makeup remover, shaving cream, face mask, you name it. I have very dry skin so this stuff is awesome and relatively cheap. I can buy about a pint of the stuff for $5. It’s very affordable and the benefits are endless. Most recently I’ve used this mainly for shower products. I love using this as a shaving cream because it is moisturizing, natural, and cheap! So what I did for this shaving cream was take about 5 tablespoons of the coconut oil and put it into a bowl and mix it. When it starts to heat up, the coconut oil will melt. Next, I aded about 2-3 tablespoons of white sugar as an exfoliant. Then I added a splash of vanilla extract to add a nice smell so you can use any sort of extract you’d like. Then lastly, I added about a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. I then repurposed a glass jar and put the mixture into the jar. Once the coconut oil cools, it will turn back into a solid. This has made my legs super smooth and is great for summer and for people who have sensitive and dry skin. There’s no chemicals and it’s 100% safe to use!

The Handmaid’s Tale
28927Now I’m not going to spoil anything but if you haven’t seen this show you need to do so now. The Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu Original series and honestly this show alone is worth the subscription. This show is based off the novel by Margaret Atwood published in the 1980s.
A short synopsis: “Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.”
Basically, every woman in the world becomes infertile after a sort of plague and only a handful of women are still fertile so they are forced into slavery, essentially, where their only job is to become pregnant.
Why should you watch this? Because it is eerily relatable to the world we are living in now. This is something that can easily happen one day and it’s creepy because it was written 32 YEARS AGO. There is so much of this that hit almost too close to home at times and frankly, it freaked me out. But this show is important. This show needs to be watched, the book needs to be read, this idea needs to be discussed. You will be hooked on this show, I promise.
But if TV isn’t for you, read the book! You will be shocked at how similar it is to today’s world that honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the author was a time traveler.

I’m going to be doing a full post on this show soon so make sure you watch it so we can have a discussion about it!

So those are all my favorites for this month! I hope you guys enjoyed this! What was your favorite thing this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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