How to Get Healthy This Summer (pt. 2)

I love food. That is an undeniable fact of life. So what is a girl to do when they think about food 24/7 but also want to look good and feel good this summer?

Eating healthy can be hard. When I heard “healthy food,” I automatically think about bland salads and trail mix… at least that’s what I used to think of. Eating healthy is very important for many reasons, and I’m sure you’ve heard of them all. So why haven’t you started eating healthier yet? Here’s my predictions: 1) it’s too expensive 2) it’s time consuming 3) it’s too hard and/or 4) you don’t have the discipline. No matter what the reason is, you’re in luck! Eating healthy doesn’t always mean spending tons of money or time on your food or it being bland and unappetizing. Trust me, I know… pizza is my favorite, so this was hard for me too!

The One Who Loves Dessert


So you want to eat healthy but have a sweet tooth… what do you do? Easy!
Helpful Tips if This is You:

Tip #1
Pinterest is your new best friend. Pinterest was basically created for sharing recipes and DIY projects. You can find any recipe of this website including healthy cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. Yep, that’s right! You don’t need to give up your first born to start eating healthier! To curve your sweet-tooth craving, check out some recipes on there! Here are a few that I found that are on my list of things to bake.

Healthy Peanut Butter Blondies
Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tip #2
Find a supplement! So many recipes can be modified to be made healthier. For example, you can use avocados in place of butter. Sounds a little gross maybe but honestly you can’t taste the difference. So if you can’t taste the difference, why wouldn’t you do it? Here’s a list of supplements that I found from this website to start eating healthier!
Healthy Baking Substitutions

If You Find Eating Healthy to Be Too Expensive

If this is you, you’re totally right. Eating healthier is more expensive for the pure fact that it is better for you. I know that $1 menu at McDonalds looks tempting, but let’s think about this long term. Have you seen the film Super Size Me? If not, I highly recommend Super_Size_Meyou do. I had to watch this in high school for a health class and I haven’t been to McDonalds since. This movie and others like it are often shown in health classes as a scared straight tactic. Why? IT IS SCARY. When you consume $3 meals you need to think about what you are really putting into your body. What is really in that cheeseburger? Real, good meals are not $3! Most fast-food restaurants use filler in their food because it is cheap! And if you’re paying $3 for your burger than I can guarantee they paid even less for the meat. So let’s really think about this… expensive means quality ingredients. And if this doesn’t scare you then maybe this article will. Granted it was written in 2013 and McDonalds now claims to have 100% beef, but let’s be real how honest is that?

With all that being said I get it, eating at McDonalds is very cheap and convenient. But eating quality food can be too! You really have to think about your body as a car. You just spent a quarter of a million dollars on your dream car so when you go to fill up that tank what gas are you gonna use? The cheaper one that can mess with it, or the slightly more expensive that will guarantee it will run at least a little bit better. Your body is a car! You run off of what you put into it! Are you gonna give it that cheap, gross stuff? You shouldn’t! Love yourself!!

Now I’m not saying you can never treat yourself to a milkshake or burger, but limit yourself! There are so many fast-food places that now offer healthier options. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be a time commitment. So when you’re deciding between that $3 burger and fries or the $5 salad and apple, do yourself a favor and take the salad. Your body will thank you for it later.

If the Idea of a Green Juice Grosses You Out

Look, I’m not saying there aren’t gross juices out there because they definitely exist. When you think of a protein shake or liquid diet you might have this sort of thing in mind:
And to be honest if this did look appetizing to you I would be concerned. Unfortunately though, this might’ve come to mind! Which is awful because when you find the right juices and smoothies, they can go from that to this:
And yes, that is a protein shake.

So while there are icky options, there are also great ones! Again, I highly recommend using Pinterest to find something that looks and sounds good! I work at a restaurant and we offer 2 protein shakes that I will list below if you are interested that are big sellers.

Tropical Green Smoothie:
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 banana
1 cup frozen mangos
1 scoop protein powder

Breakfast Shake:
1 cup ice water
1/2 banana
1 cup strawberries
1 scoop dried oats
1 scoop peanut butter
1 scoop protein powder

Counting Calories

I’ll keep this one short because I’m sure you’ve heard about counting your calories, but in all honesty this is very helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. Keeping track of your calories and what you eat in a day will help you realize what you’re actually consuming and help you to understand your body.

So that is all I have for this post today! I hope you all found this helpful! If you have any questions or want a follow up article to this one, please let me know in the comments below!


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