1 Girl, 3 Boxes, Many Opinions


Subscription boxes are my weakness. Every month, a box is delivered with new stuff and it’s like Christmas! So before we jump into this I must stress that this is not a sponsored post. All of my opinions are totally personal and honest! This post will contain spoilers so if you like to be surprised with your boxes, proceed with caution!

For a long time I didn’t subscribe to any monthly boxes. I thought that they were a waste of money since you don’t get to pick what goes in them so what if I got something I hated? But then I decided that I should just give it a try and if I didn’t like it, I could always cancel it.

I am currently subscribed to three boxes: The Allure Beauty Box ($10-$15/month), Boxycharm ($22/month), and Ipsy ($10/month). When I was deciding which box to do, I read through tons of reviews… are these reliable? Are the products good? How much will I save? And so on. Originally my plan was to subscribe to all three then pick which one I liked best and cancel the other two. Spoiler alert I didn’t cancel any of them. Each box is very unique and I like them all for different reasons. Ipsy gives more sample items which is great when you want to try new products, Boxycharm has more full sized products and has a great value, and the Allure Box has been getting a lot better with the products.

“Which beauty subscription box is right for me?”

Ipsy is a great option for those of you who want to try out mostly sample size products before actually buying the full sized product. This box will usually have a full sized product or two, but you’re mostly looking at sample sizes here. I also love the fact that all the products come in a makeup bag each month, so if you’re a fan of makeup bags or you like to collect them, this is a good choice for you.

Another cool thing about the Ipsy box, or “Glam Bag” as they call them, is that it is Ipsy-June-2017-0004-733x733supposedly catered to your own preferences. When you sign up for Ipsy, it will ask you questions like what is your hair color, eye color, skin tone? How experienced are you with makeup? It’ll ask you which makeup and skincare brands you like and which ones you don’t, what brands do you want to try… what kind of stuff would you be excited to receive, color preferences, and so on. Do they follow this beauty profile? I can’t be 100% sure. I do like all the products I’ve gotten and haven’t really gotten anything I didn’t, but I don’t have anything to compare it to since I only get one bag.

But since this is allegedly catered to you, this could be a fun one to subscribe to with friends, family, etc. and you can swap items. I’ve even seen people make different accounts with different preferences and get 2 or 3 bags a month and they usually have different items.

Some past Ipsy items have included Benefit Gimme Brow, Ofra eyeshadow, IT Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, makeup brushes from a variety of brands, Ouai Hair Oil, tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush, and Urban Decay eyeliner. If these sort of things interest you or you’ve been wanting to try them out, definitely check out Ipsy!
Note: these products are from different months, these were not all in the same box!

Pros: personalized each month, almost all sample sized products, includes a makeup bag, quick delivery, products may vary from person to person, affordable, easy to customize
Cons: almost all sample sized products, a lot of products you may have never heard of

Allure+Beauty+Box+SampleI first saw the Allure Beauty Box as an Instagram ad so I was a little skeptical. The picture attached is the same picture I saw. I’m not sure why, but something about it just seemed a little too good to be true considering the box is only $10 per month. But I was curious so I went ahead and subscribed. I also fell for the add on magazine for an extra $5, but I like the magazine so it wasn’t a loss for me. 

The first Allure Box I got was sort of meh. I wasn’t shocked or thrilled with any of the products but wasn’t disappointed either. But as the months have gone by, I have noticed that the products have gotten better in my opinion. Again, these are my opinions and what I love you might not and vice versa! But the past month’s box (December) has been my favorite one by far. The December box was curated by YouTuber Jaclyn Hill so of course there were some great products (I mean it’s her job to review makeup so…)

Some past products in this box have included Becca Champagne Pop highlighter, face masks, Kat Von D Saint or Sinner Perfume, YSL primer (as shown in photo), Ouai Finishing Cream, and a mini Beauty Blender.
Note: these products are from different months, these were not all in the same box!

With this box, every box is exactly the same so don’t order 2 and expect different products! This box is sort of a hit or miss but, as I said, I think the boxes have been getting a lot better especially for the price.

Pros: affordable, 1-2 full sized products, great value, gift cards have been included, boxes have increased in value, boxes have been improving, no waitlist
Cons: a lot of sample sized products, slow delivery, identical boxes for everyone

I first heard about Boxycharm from Kathleen Lights, a beauty YouTuber (for those of you unfamiliar with her) and I was shocked at the products she got. I think Boxycharm is the box I most look forward to.

Boxycharm includes full-sized products that range in price. I like this one a lot because I Boxy-charm-december-2016-0004feel like you save a ton of money on beauty products. The box is $21 a month so it is the most expensive of the three, but I have yet to get a box with a value lower than $100. So if you’re into makeup and skincare you do end up saving money.

Like all the boxes, a box can be a hit or miss depending on what you like. All the boxes are identical but may vary when it comes to products such as lipstick. A downside to this box is that it can be really difficult to get your hands on. When you sign up, you will probably be added to a waitlist and not get your boxes until you come off of it. It can take several months which is a bummer, but I got off of the waitlist after a month so not too bad!

Past Boxycharm items have included Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, Becca highlighters, Ofra liquid lipsticks, makeup brushes, Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and Cover FX Setting Spray.
Note: these products are from different months, these were not all in the same box!

Pros: high end products included, all full-sized products, quick delivery, great value
Cons: $21/month, products can be a hit or miss, waitlist time may vary

So those are my thoughts on all three boxes! Again, these are all my personal opinions and what I love you might not and vise versa and what I find as a pro or con you might not! I hope you found this helpful and informative! If you have any questions I’ll do my best to help you out!



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