April Favorites 2018

To think the year is already almost half way over blows my mind! This year is going by crazy fast and has been incredibly busy for me. After a small (and unplanned) break, Cats and Coffee is back! I should start off this post with a small apology for dropping off for a little bit, but I’m sure we’ve all been there: getting busy and not having time to do things you wish you could.

So without further ado, if you’re interested in what worked for me the past couple months, keep on reading!

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation ($13.99)

I feel like I have a new foundation favorite every month these days. But honestly, I just flower_li_foundation_m3_classic_tan_1think I’ve been trying out really good ones! And a wonderful perk: it’s totally affordable. I heard about Flower Beauty fairly recently but was under the impression it was only sold at Walmart… except not the Walmart near me. So when they started selling at Ulta, I had to try it. This is a very “natural” looking foundation and by that I mean it is about a medium coverage, but it doesn’t look like you have makeup on. It is very luminous, which is something that I really like in a foundation because it feels comfortable on my dry skin and doesn’t dry me out even more. It also has an SPF of 18, so I really like that as well. That being said, the shade selection isn’t great. There are only 12 shades with 4 “light” shades, 5 “medium” shades, and 3 “dark” shades. I’m able to make the very lightest shade work for me, but I do wish there were more shades so I could have something more accurate to my skin tone. So if you can find your shade, then I definitely think you should try this out!

Simple Skin Care

April was the month of the worst breakout to ever happen to me. I was desperate to try anything to get rid of it ASAP but was also scared to try out anything new for the fear it would irritate my skin further. I found the brand Simple in an isle at Target and decided 4ef7b44e-918f-49c4-a9fe-e4bb14d9f0e5.jpg._CB314960473_to give it a try after hearing good things about it and because it is supposed to be a more natural brand. I got the micellar water, cleansing facial wipes, and hydrating booster. I was surprised at how well the facial wipes worked because they aren’t as saturated as others I’ve tried, but they removed most of my makeup quickly, don’t have a strong or artificial smell, and didn’t irritate my skin. I then followed that up with the micellar water which I also really enjoyed. Again, there was no smell that I find a lot of micellar waters have so I felt good about using it. Lastly I used the hydrating booster under my moisturizer in areas that were especially dry and flakey and, to my surprise, woke up with hydrated skin. Based on my experience with these 3 products I am definitely curious about the rest of the line and will be trying out other stuff!

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist ($15.00)

On that same trip to Target when I got the Simple products, I also picked up this hidden gem. I have never heard of a spray-on moisturizer before but it makes a lot of sense to pix016_pixi_hydratingmilkymist_1560x1960-0vhzzme. That is exactly what this product is: a spray-on moisturizer. It claims to have “youth preserving” properties and contains hyaluronic acid and black oat. I like to spray this on my skin before bed along with my normal moisturizer and in the morning before doing my makeup. It really does make my skin feel hydrated and more plump. What’s weird about it is that it doesn’t dry down like a normal setting mist, it feels thicker like a moisturizer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry skin who struggle with not getting enough moisture into their skin.

Dunkin’ Donuts Coconut Coffee

Obviously I like coffee… I mean it’s in the URL. And I also love coconut. Combine the two9b60afc1-ac3c-47bf-a716-2bb9cc77d739_1.859c284ce0667afda052c1f44503d832 and you bet I’ll try it. The past two months I’ve probably gone through 2 or 3 bags of this stuff and I’m still not tired of it. However, if you don’t like coconut, I still think you would like this. The coconut taste in this isn’t strong but there is a hint of it which I really like — it’s not overpowering. So if you’re in the market for a new coffee, give this a try!

Red Carpet Manicure LED Nail Polish ($10.00)

Okay so before I can really call this a favorite, I need to get it out there that unfortunately there are a few duds within this brand. That being said the ones that aren’t total fails are pretty good. I recently invested in a $12 LED nail light on Amazon and was excited to see 20071-FloralInCoral-Bottlea brand of nail polish I could use with this lamp that didn’t cost a fortune. To my surprise, it actually works and it works well. My first purchase I got the colors Oh So Posh and Good as Gold — both great. The color Oh So Posh is a really nice nude color that isn’t unique by any means but also a collection essential and I love neutral colors and was starting my collection. Also a huge bonus that the brand was 50% off at Ulta so I got them both for $5 so 2 for the price of one. The second purchase was Violetta Darling and Floral in Coral. I was really excited about these 2 because they are spring and summer colors. Violetta Darling is almost identical to Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Street Flare but more opaque and Floral in Coral is a bright pinky-coral. Here’s where it all fell in the gutter. I tried the Violetta Darling and it looked great until the next day when it turned to a weird grey color with spots of purple. It looked almost dirty and not at all what I was going for. That being said out of the 4 colors I’ve tried, Violetta Darling has been the only dud so far and I was able to find a dupe. The manicure lasts anywhere from 1-2 weeks which is awesome for an at-home gel manicure and despite the one bad polish, I will continue to purchase and try new colors.

I hope you all enjoyed these new favorites! Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below!


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