The Truth About Instagram

I first heard about Instagram back in high school when I didn't yet have an iPhone. I remember all my friends would tell me to download the app but since I didn't have access, they made it their own personal mission to find a way for me to get one. Unfortunately for them, they just... Continue Reading →

June Favorites

Where has the year gone?! I swear it was February yesterday and now it's July??? CRAZY. So with another month done I have my June favorites to share with you all! I am very excited about these because with it now being summer, I plan to use some of (if not all) these products for... Continue Reading →

Inkbox Tattoo Review

Yes, I'll admit it: committment terrifies me. No matter what it may be -- relationship, what I want for lunch, cutting my hair... commitment scares me! So what is the girl who wants a tattoo to do? Getting a tattoo is the ultimate commitment. Once you're inked it's there to stay. And what happens if... Continue Reading →

Red Nose Day 2017

I first heard about Red Nose Day from a teacher I had in high school who was arguably the most incredible human being I had ever known. He was a stage four prostate cancer fighter who sadly lost his battle last year. The lessons this man taught me I will never forget:  1. Help others every... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on “13 Reasons Why”

*THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS* It's one of the most talked about shows of the year so far and for may different reasons. 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix adaptation of the novel written by Jay Asher. IMDB's brief description of "[viewers] follow teenager Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), in his quest to uncover the story behind his... Continue Reading →

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