Summer Bucket List

Finally summer is here and after an unplanned but short hiatus due to final exams, I am back and so excited for the break! Summer goes by quick, there's no doubt about that. I never get to do everything I want to do partly because I run out of time and partly because I forget... Continue Reading →

Summer Beach Essentials

Living at the beach my entire life hasĀ been nothing if not a huge learning experience. After 20 years of trial and error I can finally take pride in knowing the dos and don'ts of a day at the beach. So whether you're going on vacation for a week or just visiting the for a day,... Continue Reading →

Can’t Sleep? Try This!

Sleep is one of my favorite things to do, so you can imagine my frustration when it just doesn't come. If that isn't hard enough, realizing you can't sleep and knowing you have to be up in 7...6...5... hours makes it a little bit harder. So what do you do? Listen to white-noise White noise... Continue Reading →

National Lemonade Day + Recipes

Do you guys know what today is? That's right. Lemonade day. We know Beyonce is having a field day today... and everyday... but so should you! Its a simple thing we all love and have loved since childhood. But I'm not just talking about the classic lemonade... If you look hard enough, you can find... Continue Reading →

Summer Skin Care (Part 1)

May is Melanoma Awareness month and with summer quickly approaching, it is extremely important to protect yourself from the sun. Summer is all about no school, the beach, tanning, barbecues, pool parties, and vacationing. And while most people spend more time outdoors than they do indoors, they still forget to take care of their bodies.... Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks for Saving Money at Sephora*

If you're anything like me, Sephora is one of the most amazing inventions... but also one of the worst. Its impossible to walk through those glass doors and not spend your entire pay check and allowance. With new products being released nearly every week, how could you resist? You know the feeling... swatching that brand... Continue Reading →

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