Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Don't panic! Mother's Day isn't in a week or even in a month, I'm just trying to be ahead of the game. For those of you who don't know, Mother's Day is on May 13th so mark your calendars! I feel like Mother's Day is an important day to celebrate the women in your lives,... Continue Reading →

Red Nose Day 2017

I first heard about Red Nose Day from a teacher I had in high school who was arguably the most incredible human being I had ever known. He was a stage four prostate cancer fighter who sadly lost his battle last year. The lessons¬†this man taught me I will never forget:¬† 1. Help others every... Continue Reading →

National Fruit Cocktail Day

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? That's what you just gotta tell yourself today because its National Fruit Cocktail Day! Did you know there was such a thing? Me neither. But I won't question it, it sounds fun. This day isn't to be confused with National Cocktail Day on March 24, but I missed it this... Continue Reading →

Today is Twilight Zone Day!

I remember the first Twilight Zone episode my dad ever showed me... I was 7 years old and he scarred me. I couldn't sleep for days but I mean come on, I was 7! I refused to watch it until years later and boy, was I missing out all those years. For those of you... Continue Reading →

National Lemonade Day + Recipes

Do you guys know what today is? That's right. Lemonade day. We know Beyonce is having a field day today... and everyday... but so should you! Its a simple thing we all love and have loved since childhood. But I'm not just talking about the classic lemonade... If you look hard enough, you can find... Continue Reading →

Summer Skin Care (Part 1)

May is Melanoma Awareness month and with summer quickly approaching, it is extremely important to protect yourself from the sun. Summer is all about no school, the beach, tanning, barbecues, pool parties, and vacationing. And while most people spend more time outdoors than they do indoors, they still forget to take care of their bodies.... Continue Reading →

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